Surprise Me Day

Monday, August 1, 2016 by Sophie Sylvester | Uncategorized

With the beginning of August comes the beginning of a new project across my studio – Surprise Me Day!

Once a month, I will ask students to come to lessons prepared to surprise me with some learning they have done on their own at home. In turn, I will surprise them with a little somethin’ somethin’ either by way of an edible treat or a musical gift!

Your piano students can choose any one of these five tasks to complete at home, then give their musical ego a giant boost as they see what they are capable of achieving and knock my socks off with their musical prowess at the next lesson.

Each month I will give students one week’s notice of when Surprise Me Day will be happening, then they can get busy prepping any one of these five activities (below/located in their lesson notebooks).

As we approach Surprise Me Day this month (on whichever date your lesson falls between 14-20th August please share this with your kids and encourage them to put the skills they been learning into practice with any of these activities. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what they can do too!


1)  Flip ahead 3 pages in your book and teach yourself to play the right hand of that piece.

2)  Memorise a piece from 3 pages back in your book.

3)  Play your current piece with all the dynamics, phrasing, articulation and expression in place… perfectly!

4)  Compose an original piece and play it for me!

5)  Flip ahead 1 page in your method book and teach yourself the first two lines hands together.

I’m looking forward to see how this fuels excitement for playing music, how students solve the problems that arise, and show off their abilities. I’m also looking forward to seeing all my student’s surprised faces at the next lesson (hehe).